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Tandoor Grill – Excellent Indian food from a strip mall

One sin I’m guilty of often is judging a restaurant by it’s exterior.  I’ve driven past Tandoor Grill so many times while favoring restaurants like Bombay House and Himilayan Kitchen simply because it’s in an ugly strip mall.  I should’ve known better; both Kathmandu and Ganesh are in strip malls, like Tandoor, yet I’ve had wonderful experiences at both.  Note taken.

Chicken Dosa

Tandoor Grill definitely should not be written off.  We started with the Chicken Dosa, a popular Southern Indian dish.  The chicken here was moist and perfectly seasoned with a yellow curry.  This was our favorite item of the meal.

Dosa Accompaniments

The dosa came with two sauces, one with a yogurt base and the other with a tomato base, and a savory lentil and vegetable soup.  The red sauce had a nice kick and was my favorite, while the hubby preferred the tangy yogurt-based sauce.  It was determined that the dosa didn’t need either of the sauces, however, so the sauces were mostly saved for later to dip our naan in.

Garlic Naan

We ordered a side of Garlic naan.  It was delicious and chock full of garlic.  With Anthony and I being such garlic lovers, we really appreciated that they did not skimp on the garlic.  It appeared on our table piping hot.

Lamb Saag (top), Lamb cilantro (bottom)

We were apparently feeling both “green” and lamb that day, as we both ordered green lamb dishes.  I chose the Lamb Saag.  The saag was perfect – the seasonings, the lamb, and the spinach flavors were perfectly balanced.  Usually you don’t taste the spinach much in Saag.  I was pleasantly surprised by the strong spinach taste.  The hubby’s Cilantro Lamb was also a hit.  It was a bit more tangy with the addition of yogurt sauce to the dish.

As always, we needed something to wash all this spicy, savory goodness down.  What’s better than a cold King Fisher?

Ice cold King Fisher

Or how about an Indian spiced coffee?

Indian Style Coffee

Next time maybe we’ll check out the huge lunch buffet, or the build-it-yourself Dosa station?  All that’s for certain right now, is that there will be a “next time”.

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