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Dinner at The Copper Onion

After waiting much too long since our last visit, Anthony (a.k.a, the Hubby) and I decided that it was time to go back to The Copper Onion.

The Copper Onion serves up what is probably best described as New American Food, though their website describes it as “Regional American Fare”, in a classy yet comfortable atmosphere.  The highlight of any meal here has to be the open kitchen, where you can opt to sit at the bar and watch the chefs do their magic.  I’m sorry I didn’t get any pictures of that set-up – it was extremely packed tonight!

We’ve been here a few times before; twice for dinner and once for a brunch.  Dinner is the way to go from my experience, and no meal is complete without one of their wonderful (for Utah) specialty cocktails.  Don’t discount them for their petite size, that’s just how they get around the arcane liquor laws to serve you a full strength cocktail.   Tonight the Hubby chose the Commodore (High West whiskey, ginger, bitters, lemon, and orange juice), which was fantastic.  I chose the Deep South, which I cannot remember what liquor it had but its main ingredient was muddled watermelon and chilies.  This was also good, but didn’t compare to the slightly spicy yet sour Commodore.


Deep South

For an appetizer, we chose the Bone Marrow plate.  This was a bit of an adventurous choice for us – neither of us have ever had bone marrow served in this way.  Previously, we’ve both only had it stewed in a soup, completely undetectable other than the wonderful flavor.  This time we were given two severed bones on a plate with beautiful buttered baguettes, an arugula salad, and sea salt.  We weren’t really sure how to go about this, so we spread marrow all over the baguettes, topped it with the arugula salad (with capers! Yum!) and sea salt.  This proved to be very tasty, though I honestly tasted mostly bread, butter, and arugula.

Bone Marrow appetizer

For entrées, the Hubby ordered the Waygu beef stroganoff.  This dish has been on our mind for awhile; we’ve read favorable reviews on Yelp, and heard wonderful things from friends.  It completely lived up to the hype.  Several wonderful types of mushrooms, tender beef cubes, perfect pasta, roasted garlic, and a sauce that will make you see stars it’s so intoxicating, this dish is a must-try.  This will definitely go on my list as one of my favorite dishes of all time.

I ordered the Duck Confit (pictured at the top of the post), which was on their dinner specials.  This was also amazing.  This was a leg, topped with a fried egg and pesto, perched atop squash, eggplant, zucchini, and sun-dried tomatoes in a tomato-based sauce. The duck meat just slid right off the bone, not at all gamey or greasy.

Finally, dessert…you can see for yourself that these were both gorgeous.  The Almond Brown Butter Cake didn’t excite us too much, but that Tiramisu was heavenly.


Almond Brown Butter Cake with strawberry composte

I also have to point out a cute little detail…the water carafe.  I’m not sure why I loved it so much, but I sure did.

Water Carafe

The story of The Copper Onion and it’s Utahan chef/owner Ryan Lowder is a cool read and can be read on their background page on the website.

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One comment on “Dinner at The Copper Onion

  1. Kelli

    Great post! I am now drooling and anxious to go to Copper Onion (but that’s nothing new!). By the way, I love the water carafe, too!

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