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Maxwell’s East Coast Eatery – Downtown SLC


My husband is a pizza snob.  Why wouldn’t he be?  He’s from Brooklyn, NY, one of the pizza capitals of the world.  He’s always on the lookout for a good NY-style pizza and, while there is no shortage of pizzerias claiming to do a good thin-crust, NY-style pizza in Utah (or the west coast, for that matter), there are few that deliver.  You’ve got a few decent imitators, but that’s all they can be – imitators…and then there is Maxwell’s.

While Maxwell’s is new to Downtown Salt Lake City, they’re no stranger – they’ve been making kick-ass pizzas for a few years up in Park City, where we first fell in love with their 20″ pies.  According to the hubby, you know it’s true NY-style when you gotta fold the slices in half just to manage them.  The original location hasn’t always been known for great service, but who cares when you get such a delicious pizza.  Their wings don’t suck either.

So, when we saw the sign on the Boston Building in SLC downtown for the new Maxwell’s location, we kind of freaked out.  I even emailed the PC location to ensure it really was theirs.  And…now it’s open.

It’s only a 21 and over location for now, so diners with kids – sorry.  Get a sitter, though, don’t deprive yourself of the best pizza in SLC. I’m happy to report that this location is not only as good, but even better than the PC location.  The new location is gorgeous, the service is attentive, and it’s a perfect spot to munch while bar hopping in our great city.

I recommend the Bronx tale, which is a margherita style pizza.  It has fresh basil, tomatoes, and mozzarella.  This pie is excellent because it really lets the superior marinara shine.  Also, we always get our regular: a custom spinach-fresh garlic-pepperoni pie.   If going just for a slice, you can’t go wrong with either the plain cheese or the pepperoni.  The crust is divine, the marinara is perfect, and the toppings are fresh.  The only thing is that they do offer non-traditional pies.  If that’s your thing, go for it, but we can’t recommend them.  Many people do rave over the blue heaven which is chicken, buffalo sauce, and blue cheese, but my husband’s NY Pizza snobbery won’t let him enjoy it and, frankly, I found the buffalo sauce and blue cheese to be too overwhelming.  But…as I said, a lot of people love it.  To each their own.

Huge bonuses are that they offer many local brews on tap and in the bottle, and they have Park City’s High West Whiskey.  Awesome.


Big screen TVs are plentiful for sports watching or whatever

Big slices

Left is the Bronx tale; Right is the Spinach-Garlic-Pepperoni

Cold Hef on Tap

Cold Hef on Tap


Bar Seating

embossed tables

Fancy new embossed tables

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6 comments on “Maxwell’s East Coast Eatery – Downtown SLC

  1. Steve Maxwell

    Eve, thank you for the very nice write up! I’m so happy you and the Hubby are fans… We will keep working on the service and continued dedication to true NY Pie!!!
    Next time in, please say hi :)

    • evelinslc

      We definitely will say “hello”! We come to your Park City location at least once a week and we plan on adding your Salt Lake City location to our regular visits as well. Keep on making these great pizzas, they really do speak for themselves!

  2. darlene

    what a wonderful testimony to your hard work,and consistency, Steven!!! keep it up, Babe! you’ve certainly earned it all!

  3. Harnew

    I want to try a pizza from NYC

    • evelinslc

      If you find yourself in NYC, our favorite is Frank’s Pizza on Flatbush Ave. in Brooklyn.

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