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Hapa Grill – Asian Fusion in Park City (CLOSED)

Hapa Grill is a beautiful Asian fusion restaurant in Park City’s Redstone shopping center in the Kimball’s Junction area.  Redstone is a somewhat upscale strip mall with a few fun boutiques like my favorite cosmetics boutique Splendor, some big box chains like Bed, Bath, & Beyond and Petsmart, a couple restaurants and fast food joints, and a small Whole Foods store.  Despite it’s convenient location, I’ve only been there twice before.  I had one horrible experience there a couple years back and swore off.

Then…I heard that they added Bahn Mi, a heavenly French-influenced Vietnamese sandwich (if you have yet to try a Bahn Mi I COMMAND you to get on that right now!!).  I sent my husband an email of the menu and a plea to take a long lunch with me to check it out.  In no time at all, he rushed to my job and off we went.

We were immediately shocked to see the place busy with well-dressed business types.  We already knew the atmosphere was impressive, but had no idea the word had spread so much.  Unfortunately, that was the first thing to doom our visit.  Turns out a large business party had ordered so many Bahn Mi’s that they were clear out of them.  Wha??  Super bummed.

Another bummer was that they were no longer offering the starters from their lunch menu from their website so I didn’t get to order the Pork Belly Spring Rolls.  We instead opted for the Carnita’s Chino, which I read about in a few Yelp reviews.  Not a bad choice at all!  The pork shoulder was well-seasoned and moist and the Kimchi salsa was a perfect Asian twist on the Mexican favorite.

For entrées, I ordered the Thai Beef Salad ($10.95) and the hubby ordered the Crisped Pork Ramen ($9.95).  Both dishes were extremely disappointing.  The Thai Beef Salad, which I kind of stupidly envisioned would be like Waterfall Beef Salad, was too sweet for my taste, the beef too dry, and the dressing had nothing of the complex flavors of traditional Thai food.  I understand that it is a fusion place, but I think a little fish sauce, lime juice, and Thai chilies would really liven this dish up.  The ramen was too salty, didn’t have any of the wonderful toppings expected from a Japanese ramen house, and the noodles were very overcooked.

From our past experience, the wonderful tacos were an anomaly as it appears the main dishes continue to be disappointing.  Off to continue our search for good lunch options in Park City…

Dining area

Thai Beef Salad


Hapa Grill on Urbanspoon

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2 comments on “Hapa Grill – Asian Fusion in Park City (CLOSED)

  1. Cecilia DeJesus

    Wow this looks so good. I saw your blog link from yelp and thought I’d visit.. =) Your reviews helps a lot. I was wondering if you know any Filipino restos in SLC?

    • evelinslc

      Thanks for visiting! As far as Filipino restaurants, I am sad to say we have only two currently in business, and both of those are only OK. We have Taste of Saigon which is officially a Vietnamese restaurant (which it fails at) but is owned by a Filipino couple. If you want a particular dish, you may call ahead and they most likely can prepare it for you, but the Filipino menu can be limited if you don’t give them any warning. Another option, though I don’t recommend, is Bayleaf Cafe. Bayleaf focuses on American Southern food, but does offer lumpia and adobo on their menu. I’ve never tried the Filipino food, but the people I know who have complained that it was not that good so I’ve shied away.

      Another place that we used to have, but sadly closed, was Five Star Restaurant on State Street (not to be confused with Five Star in Layton). It was a Chinese and Thai place owned by Nora and Rudy, a Filipino couple, who recently closed it down to open their own Filipino restaurant. We saw them last at a cultural fair where Nora told us they were still looking for space, but that was back in May. No word since then.

      Sorry for the long reply! If you find any Filipino restaurants in Utah, please let me know. I’m dying to find one since Five Star closed.

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